Why is good photography expensive?

Why is good photography expensive?

If you’ve ever worked with a good photographer, then you’ve learned that good photography is expensive.
Why is it?
Because good photography is not easy.
The photographer might make it look so. They might not seem stressed or even like they are having fun, but don’t confuse expertise with ease. They are not the same thing.
And the truth is, bad photography is more expensive than good photography.
Bad photography wastes time, money and memories. Whether you’re getting pictures of your baby or your wedding, imagine the cost of trying to do that again if you don’t like the photos. You might be able to have another perfectly peaceful moment with your baby but no one in the history of mankind has spent money redoing their wedding because their photography was lame.
Good stuff is expensive.
It should be.
If you don’t believe me, go take your own photos first.

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