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Five Key Points to Succeed in Sales

1. Allow your prospects and clients to discover their real issue.

  • If they could bring you the problem, they wouldn’t have a problem. Identifying the real problem is the value a sales professional brings to the table for the prospect.
  • Never answer a question right away, always answer a question with a question to get to the real pain that the prospect is going through.
  • Don’t assume. Be skeptical and curious, ask yourself, what’s really going on here???

2. Understand the hard evidence, the real impact, the comprehensive situation, and true limitations involved for your prospect.

  • Get to the heart of the matter by asking effective questions.
  • Understand the scale of the situation and real consequences involved.
  • Understand the situation from multiple stakeholders point of view.
  • Find out what’s stopped them from resolving this before now (constraints).

3. Deal with wishy washy concerns or comments

  • If you hear something that doesn’t make sense, say so in a nurturing manner.
  • Stay focused on helping the prospect understand the true nature, scale, and severity of the situation, help them make a good decision.
  • Help the prospect understand that indecision is not the only option.

4. Present your solution within the context of their situation

  • Don’t present a solution until you come to an agreement on what the problem is.
  • Ask what a good resolution for them would be – from their perspective.
  • If your solution is not an exact fit, offer it as a different take on the problem.

5. Grow the results.

  • Deliver big, then ask for a referral, not the other way around.
  • Seek feedback, from all parties involved, win or loss.
  • Always seek a yes or no, do not accept maybe’s unless there is a understood path to a decision.

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